I completed a course but it still shows as In Progress.

This is usually caused by a browser setting disabling popups or blocking cookies.

Our site uses a cookie to pass the completion information. If you take a test for a Web-based Class and the completion fails, try enabling session cookies. The most secure way to do this is to add *.teradata.com to your trusted sites. In Internet Explorer, go to Tools>Internet Options> Privacy>Sites, and add *.teradata.com and click Allow.

Or you can allow all session cookies. Go to Tools>Internet Options> Privacy>Advanced and check Override Automatic Cookie handling and check Always allow session cookies.

After making either of the above changes, close all browser windows and restart. Then try the Test or Get Credit for Course option again.

If you have already completed a test and need credit, email ET210009@Teradata.com with the course title and number and the date you completed the course, and we will update the status for you.

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2012-05-09 16:18
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